About Us

We are an online community of social workers and those who support positive social change in our communities and to the military. Social workers are professionals who work to help those in their community who have been put in difficult situations and need help. These may include anyone in difficult family situations, particularly children, adults who are unemployed or are struggling with health issues, or the elderly, but they also help people to cope with other stresses and challenges that are part of life. Clinical social workers can also diagnose and treat mental and emotional health issues.

Here on our online community, we discuss many important issues that people around the world face in their daily lives, how to cope with the challenges, and the importance of social work. We also give social workers for the military a platform to talk about their experiences, share their knowledge, and connect with others in their field. This is through our discussion board, which is a great place to chat with other readers and share your knowledge. We post frequent articles throughout the week, so be sure to check back often for new content. Our regular contributors are writers who have experience writing about social issues, and some have backgrounds in social work as well. We also like to share guest posts from our readers. If you are interested in submitting your content, please email it to us and we will get back to you quickly if we are interested in posting it.

If you have questions for us, we can be contacted via email or social media. Speaking of social media, you can follow us on our profiles there for more content and updates from us. If you find our content helpful, we would also appreciate it if you would give us a like or even share it with your friends! It helps us connect others who are involved in social work or social activism.