Intsoceval: Social Issues For The Community and The Military

There are many military social issues around the world that are very complicated and present challenges for everyone involved. There are many people that want to help, but they may not know what would be most effective in our current political climate, or what they should do that would actually make a difference. Staying informed is one of the best ways to help because it empowers you to make smart decisions about the organizations you choose to support. Here are some of the biggest global challenges right now, and little things you can do to make a difference.

Economic Stability

After the global recession in 2009, the world reeled – unemployment was widespread, and cultures that were not used to experiencing poverty were suddenly facing this very difficult and challenging issue, and this instability was seen in the military. Since then, the market has recovered in many countries but has still faced dramatic changes and instability. Additionally, some countries have not recovered at all, launching their country into devastating poverty. In order for the global economy to be more resilient and resist potentially negative changes, it needs to evolve. While it can be difficult for individual citizens to make specific changes to the economy, there are little things you can do to help. Making investments with your savings instead of holding onto it is great for the economy and can help you make more money as well. It also is helpful to spend the extra money you have in your budget, as this supports the businesses in your area.

Crime & The Falsely Accused

military tank

Crime in the military is more common than you would think.  According to an article in Reverb, “more active-duty military personnel have committed suicide than have been killed in Afghanistan“, and this, of course, has troubling consequences to many members of the armed forces and their families.  Another major problem is false accusations of crimes.  If you are in the military and accused by a civilian of a crime, more than likely the military will take the side of the accused.  Court martial defense attorneys Tim Bilecki and Noel Timon state that service members are “treated like a criminal from the moment they are accused of a crime“.  When the military and country won’t back you up, even if you could be innocent, this can have adverse affects on your health and psyche.

Gender Equality

In many countries around the world, men and women still don’t have total equality, but the military has been stronger than ever when it comes to gender equality. But, although progress has been made, there is still a long way to go around the world, particularly in the workplace, where women earn comparatively less than their male counterparts in most places and in most fields. In order to promote gender equality, it is important to vote for lawmakers that are committed to these issues, donating money to organizations that support women, and consuming goods and services from companies that employ women and practice fair treatment.

Affordable Health Care

This is an issue that is extremely challenging for many people around the world, particularly in developing countries. Healthcare should be a basic human right, but in many places, it is very difficult for people to get the help they need when they get sick or injured. It is vital that we develop effective and affordable care solutions for the most common health problems to prevent their spread, and for governments to find solutions that will help provide their citizens with affordable care for their ailments. To support this, sign petitions and vote for lawmakers who will enact affordable care strategies. You can also get involved with charitable organizations that contribute to healthcare efforts in developing countries. Finally, for those who are financially able to, investing in research into new strategies to support new healthcare innovations can make a huge difference in our progress as a global community.