How to Join Our Community

Our online community is a great place for social workers, activists, and other professionals who are interested in social issues to connect, collaborate, and share with each other. As a part of our community, you get access to our discussion board, where you can connect with others, join important conversations, and maybe even make a new friend or start a professional collaboration. You also get access to our resources for social professionals – directories that connect you with important collaborations in your city, as well as PDF content on various issues that are crucial for social professionals.


Additionally, community members have the opportunity to write guest posts for us, and potentially become full-time contributors. We love publishing guest posts because they give our readers a unique and diverse perspective on social issues from around the world. They also give you an opportunity and a platform to discuss the things that are most important to you and relevant to your work and your life. If you are a member who is interested in contributing, you can contact us via email to find out more about what we’re looking for and how you can add to it.


Interested in joining us? The process is easy. Simply send us an email detailing your name and your career path, as well as your desired username and password. Within a few days, we will send you an activation email if we would like you to be a part of our community. Generally, we prefer our community members to be social workers or be involved in social justice or activism in some respect. This prevents spam and harrassment on our site – something that is extremely important to us and that we value highly. We look forward to having you join us on our site soon!